At 23, I had already lost hope that I would meet a man who would know how to treat my young, hot body. The husband of course tries, but everything is so monotonous and selfish on his part that sex for me has become a must. He just doesn’t understand when I want what I want and how. In General, or is it so tight or it is all the same.


I had few men, only four, but none of them never gave me pleasure to have an orgasm. Urchins… I didn’t see the point of having a lover and my lust properly secured the vibrator. But what is a piece of plastic compared to a big, powerful dick that pours pussy hot sperm?

Stas and I met at work in the office. He immediately became the object of my fantasies. Tall, dark, piercing green eyes. We communicated well, often had dinner together. He was 12 years older than me, but he always told me that I was very smart and interesting to talk to. In another situation, I would have been pleased, but now was the rare occasion when I was much more important to hear a compliment about my seductive figure. Still, sometimes I noticed his lustful gaze, but I pretended not to see the way he looked at my body. I immediately imagined how he caresses my pussy, running his hand under her skirt.

It made me so wet that I made a habit of carrying another pair of panties in my purse with me to work. Once the herb left on your work phone, which led to the important negotiations. I called him, the phone was off. At home, too, nobody took it – probably he’s on the road, me on my way to put him on the phone and go home. Thoughts were busy with an important call, if he does not respond, will be disrupted contract, and Stas goes tomorrow on the Affairs of the Bank and in the office it will not. I grabbed the phone, dropped it in my purse, and went to his place. His car was in the yard, on the third floor there was a light in his Windows – he was already at home.

I got up without a second thought and rang the doorbell.

He opened. – Kate? he was a little surprised.

  • Sorry you didn’t call, your cell was off… You forgot that… I reached into my purse and pulled out his phone. I didn’t notice my spare panties flying out of the bag. He picked them up half a meter off the floor. I blushed and tried to grab them from his hands, but he hid them behind his back. I, forgetting about the balance, tripped and flew right at him.

He put his arm around my waist and wouldn’t let go for a few minutes, looking me in the eye. I was paralyzed with shame and such unexpected but welcome intimacy. Stas knew what I wanted… The apartment door slammed behind me and a moment later we were in the bedroom. He took his time, savoring the pleasure. His lips dug into my lips and neck. He took off my skirt and blouse. I was wearing Lacy white underwear and stockings. He, too, undressed. On the bottoms, which was guessed fairly large and already filled cock. I lost my head in anticipation. He tore off the rest of my clothes and settled between my legs.

  • My sweet bitch, do you always leak like that? and his tongue slid around my wet hole. I was ready to explode. He was the first man to kiss me there. and he did it skillfully. He licked my Clit, and his finger stroked my expiring juice slit. And instead of fuck me after these caresses, he made me stand in front of him on his knees. I knew what he wanted, and I pulled his trunks off. His cock broke free and I admired it. Thick, elastic trunk, powerful head…

I opened my mouth and began to lick his head, licking off her droplets of grease, then began to suck the whole cock, smacking his lips with pleasure. It was getting harder and bigger in my mouth. Stas moaned sweetly and lightly pushed him towards me. Then he lifted me up and pushed me onto the bed, I fell on my stomach. He fell on top of me and slammed into me. At first he moved slowly, then his tremors became more rough and frequent.

I was moaning from the lustful pleasure and moved your hips. He slapped my ass a few times to keep me from cutting, but I felt so sweet from the pain that I almost threw him off. He turned me over on my back and pinned my wrists to the bed, and then he entered me again. From his blows, the bed was shaking, I wrapped his thighs legs and threw back his head back. A sweet convulsion swept from her stomach down her spine. I came and he threw his hot juice into me… How much time has passed I do not know, we lay close and silent.

I gotta go… -I got dressed and straightened her hair and clothes, went to the door. He caught up with me and grabbed my arm.

  • Remain.
  • I can’t… I gotta go home. My husband’s expecting me. I got into the car and for another five minutes I couldn’t get over it.

Since then, we fucked and every time I am sweet and hot cum.

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